Here you can download all of our games, finished or not.

Finished Games:


Contrast is a game that was done in 9 hours. It is a different kind of platform game, because you have infinite double jumps. It uses very few colors ingame(black,white,silver, and yellow) and uses some other colors in the menu and the credits. It has 11 levels (one being a tutorial), and a final, extremely hard level.

Download here:

Chocolate Journey

Chocolate Journey has been considered our best game by most of the people that have played our games. It is about a boy that decides to travel the world in search of chocolate, but end up finding many surprises in between.

Download here:

History Man

History Man is a platform game where you are History Man, a man that goes after the History Demons and their leader  Ginog, to get back the information on British and American Strengths and Weaknesses during the Revolutionary War.

Download Here:

Catch Taj

Catch Taj is a simple game where you have to click on an Elephant called Taj, but at the same time avoid the ghosts.

Download Here:

Fruit Clicker 1 & 2

The Fruit Clicker Series are two very simple games that consist of clicking on fruits, but avoid the bombs that appear every two seconds. Fruit Clicker 2 unlike the original Fruit Clicker, includes a Hard difficulty.

Download Fruit Clicker:

Download Fruit Clicker 2:

Maze (Work In Progress)

Maze is a simple game where you are a ball in a maze, and must reach the end of the maze. It is not yet finished.

Download Version 0.2:

Roger (Work In Progress)

Roger is a very challenging platform game where you are a ball named Roger, and must reach the Chest at the end of the level. It is not yet finished

Download Version 0.1:

One-Handed Fighter Experimental

This is the experimental version of One-Handed Fighter, a game where you are a fighter that only has one arm, and must fight your enemies. This game is only an experimental version and only has 1 enemy to fight

Download here:


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