New Members Hired for the VFMOGames Staff

Today, we were able to hire Afonso Bento as our Business Manager. He will be helping us get sponsors and manage our money. We also hired Pedro-Côrte Real as our Publicity Manager.


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Brand New Game: Contrast

Contrast (A Game Done In 9 Hours)

Contrast is a game that was done in 9 hours. It is a different kind of platform game, because you have infinite double jumps. It uses very few colors ingame(black,white,silver, and yellow) and uses some other colors in the menu and the credits. It has 11 levels (one being a tutorial), and a final, extremely hard level.

Download here:

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Site moved to

Welcome new people to our site. You may have known our old url which was Everyone that is part of VFMOGames thought that it was best to make a normal html site, instead of a flash site at wix, and to have a shorter url. This is why our site is now here.

The old url will now redirect you here, and this will now be our permanent adress.

All games and links will be copied here, so have no worries about this change. It is only for the best


The VFMOGames Team.

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